The 10th Annual Hartford Rib Off


June 14 and 15, 2019

Tickets Available Early 2019

About Us

Mission Statement:
The Hartford Rib Off, Inc. is committed to raising funds and supporting local charitable organizations through safe and enjoyable BBQ-themed events.

Our Story
The Hartford Rib Off started in a Hartford backyard in 2009 as a BBQ with family and friends.
After hosting it for a second time, in 2010, our founder, Guy Neumann, decided to dedicate his time to raise awareness and money for different causes by holding this event once a year. From a few dozen friends, to now upwards of 2,000 attendees, the Hartford Rib Off has grown into the premier BBQ event in Hartford, now a KCBS Contest.

No one associated with The Hartford Rib Off, Inc. earns a salary or has ever financially benefited from their association with this event/organization. Everyone works on a volunteer basis.

The ultimate mission of the Hartford Rib Off is to find different worthy local causes every year and to do our best to raise as much money and awareness as we can for these causes. Initially we teamed up with one organization every year. We used that organization’s 501(c)(3) accreditation to push our fundraising efforts.
As of 2017, we are a 501(c)(3). Moving forward we will focus, annually, on benefiting several organizations each year.

All of the proceeds from each year’s Hartford Rib Off are donated to the charity/charities we identify as recipients.

Our Board of Directors

President: Guy Neumann
Treasurer: Lynne Cohen
Secretary: Jonathan Sablon
Director: Francesco S. Balsamo
Director: Jonathan Abel
Director: Jaye Gravely
Director: Mandi Garfield
Guy Neumann


Lynne Cohen




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