9th Annual


JUNE 15 and 16, 2018



Cook Team FAQ

* We will follow the KCBS rules for both dates of the competition. Click here to view the KCBS rules.
* There will be 2 KBCS Representatives at our event. They will be available to answer questions and will also be making certain that everyone – organizers, cook teams, and judges – follows the KCBS rules.
* We are waiting to receive information from the City of Hartford before we can tell cook teams the size of their cook space. As soon as we hear we will let you know.
* We will be sending out an information packet via email within the next few months.
* You will also receive another information packet when you check in to the event.
* The KCBS reps will hold cook team meetings at the venue prior to each day of the event.

Volunteer FAQ

We need volunteers for Friday June 15, 2018 in the afternoon and evening, and Saturday, June 16, 2018 all day.
Volunteers are welcome for one or both days.
Saturday volunteers can be with us for the early shift, the late shift, or all day.

Judges FAQ

We still need a few judges for Friday June 15, 2018

Attendee FAQ

Your Friday ticket grants you full access to the Friday event only.
Your Saturday ticket grants you full access to the Saturday event only.